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MASTER MARGHERITA is an accomplished musician and producer based in Switzerland. A founding member of the renowned organic band The Peaking Goddess Collective. He is known and appreciated worldwide for his bass playing, production skills, compiling taste, live performances and dj sets. Bathed in music for as long as he can remember, Master Margherita has been active in the European music scene since the late eighties, playing bass guitar in various rock’n’roll, jazz, funk, reggae and salsa bands. In 1994, he started composing tracks mixing live instruments with an array of electronic devices. This experimentation brought him deeper into the world of electronica and ambient soundscapes. Since then, his talent has been appreciated in many styles from French text songs, to experimental techno, ethnic grooves and reggae. He has also produced music for theater plays, documentaries, fiction movies and multimedia performances. Master Margherita has performed in major festivals around the globe including Boom, Glade, PopKomm, Montreux Jazz, Antaris Project and Universo Parallelo. He has released numerous chill and ambient tracks on well-known labels such as Peak Records, Blue Hour Sounds, Interchill Records, Ministry of Sound, Electrik Dream, Good Mood, Mindwaves Music, Waveform. Random Records, Mikelabella Records. He has also released a number of collaborative works with artists such as Kaya Project, Ajja, Cell, Greg Hunter, Cosmosis, Hibernation, Electrypnose, Flooting Grooves, Samuel Hall Band, Stephan Blok, Leon Francioli and Palyrria.

Master Margherita

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