Master Margherita – Orbit Mix #1

Recorded at home in october 2009

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Track List:
Richy Hawtin and Pete Namlook – Lost
Adham Shaikh – Journey to the Sun
Terra Ambient – Blood
Mercan Dede – Dream of the Dreams (Last Chapter)
Spyweirdo – A Wonderful Feeling
Chris Rainier – Moon swallowed by the Sun
Antonio Testa & Maria Alvear – Maya Prayer
Daemonia Nymphe – Message Horn’s Enchanting Echo
Murcof – A Lesson For The Future
Saul Stokes – Oceans Light The Shore
Peter Gabriel – Passion
Pete Namlook and Burhan Öçal – Bir Çalgiyim Gögsüne Yaslanmis (Part III)
Jon Hassel – Open Secret (Milano)
Biosphere – Gravity Assist

Enjoy !!!
Master Margherita - Orbit Mix 1