Blue Train

Master Margherita - Blue Train

Master Margherita – Blue Train

After his successful double album Afro Dots Master Margherita is back with 5 new tracks!
Hop on that Blue Train and let the rhythm invite you to move your feet and get lost in your dreams while a colourful landscape rushes by in front of your window…destination unknown!

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Track List :
1. Shuffle Box
2. Blue Train
3. Pspiralife – Love To Stay (Master Margherita)
4. Re-Edit (Sliced Mix)
5. Macrolog

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 : Written & Produced by Master Margherita
Track 3 : Written by Pspiralife & Produced by Master Margherita

Cover by Jazzmine Blue
Mastering by The Humble Grove

Produced by Blue Hour Sounds Records
© 2016 Blue Hour Sounds Records