Funq Xpress

Master Margherita - Funq Xpress

Master Margherita – Funq Xpress

And we’re on the train again, this time it’s a funky one!
Let’s join Master Margherita on this ride, with progressive beats, flourescent lights and chrystal clear sounds. On and on we go…

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Track List :
1. Freequenced (Olkha Mix)
2. Dishu (Crossroads Mix)
3. Dual Resonator (Circum Mix)
4. Terminus (Southbond Mix)
5. Funq Xpress (Naushki Mix)

All Tracks Written and Produced by Master Margherita

Cover by Jazzmine
Mastering by The Humble Grove

Produced by Blue Hour Sounds
© 2016 Blue Hour Sounds