Hippies with Gadgets

Master Margherita - Hippies with Gadgets
Master Margherita – Hippies With Gadgets

“HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” is an eclectic ‘round-the-world journey into the depth of electronic downbeat that stretches across genres.
A splendid collection of eleven enthralling jewels, “HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” is a skillful and versatile album that will soothe, smooth, tickle and groove!
Imagine eating masala dosa while sipping a mojito on a snow-capped beach as George Clinton dances wildly to the sound of Miles Davis and Robert Johnson jamming away… MASTER MARGHERITA can take you there and show you around!

Sit back and chillax!

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1. Deepchandi – Composed in collaboration with Atriohm and Sandeep Ji
2. Orange – Composed in collaboration with Samuel Hall Band
3. Koto – Composed in collaboration with Darren Sangita
4. Binghi Dub – Composed in collaboration with Zonasun
5. Antaris
6. La Mela – Composed in collaboration with Mauxuam
7. Zwi Musik – Composed in collaboration with Kodama Wat
8. Super Dry
9. La Sublime
10. Opus 5 – Composed in collaboration with Samuel Hall Band
11. For Aldo – Additional sounds & beats by Ajja

All tracks produced by Master Margherita under the influence of spatial fx.

Mastering by Jake Perrine rficd.com
Drawing by Natasha Logvin
Artwork & Design by Tanina Munchkina & Ajja S.F. Leu
Produced by Peak Records
Release Date: May 2009
© Peak Records 2009

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Reviews :

By Dr Blue (Shamanic Aliance/3 Sided Whole)
hippies with gadgets is the most insane, under the bottom, over the top album in years. moreno deserves a case of caviar and a stiff shaking as a tip for treating us to this polyrhythmic free thinking style smorgasbord of infinities, dualities, and sacred geometries and voids of sound. dont let a psychiatrist near him, just encourage him to make more music and share it with the world. ******six out of five stars

By Lexifer (Legion Of Green Men)
This CD is really beautiful. Soft and gentle textures to sway you into alpha spaces. Fits in nicely while reading a book.
Thanks Moreno!

By Morpheus Music
Electro-acoustic global chillout. Hippies with gadgets is a genre mixing downtempo album apparently completely unfettered by convention, there is a sense of ‘anything goes’ here reminiscent of some of the more exploratory music of the early seventies. There are dub-reggae beats with electric organ, Indian tablas with bird song and liquid fx, meandering flute leads and slide guitar, deep beatless ambient electronics, forest atmospheres with digital soundscaping. Electric and bass guitars and imaginative programming flesh out most of the tracks balancing the ‘live’ performance elements with the artificial. Rhythmically, the first two thirds of the album frequently take a live drum approach to the percussion, very laid back and restful – that said the beats at times shift into more overtly digitally driven grooves. As the album moves closer to the end, the beats are allowed to slip away, the dreamy feeling that has been present in greater or lesser degree throughout, now welling up and infusing everything with.

By Melancholyman (isratrance.com)
A very well crafted, ambient travel through many of the different genres residing in downtempo electroacoustic music. Master Margeritha manages to weave together all these different styles making it a very unique album. Sure, many has produced music in these genres before and done it equally good. But none has managed to put together an album with all of them in, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This album is damn good, without doubt in the top tier of downtempo releases.