KaleidoAct – Sci​-​Fi Soundscapes

Master Margherita - KaleidoAct - Sci-Fi Soundscapes

Master Margherita – KaleidoAct – Sci​-​Fi Soundscapes

KaleidoAct – Sci-Fi Soundscapes is an inter-dimensional sensory experience inspired by Cymatics, space-travels, altered state of consciousness and the magic of optical illusion. The show takes the audience on a mind-bending journey by fusing object theatre, optical illusion, light and shadow casting, movement and music in a kaleidoscopic vision.

Track List :
1. Sci-Fi Soundscapes – Full Soundtracks
1. Sci-Fi Soundscapes – Act 1, 2, 3
1. Sci-Fi Soundscapes – Didjeridoo Pad
1. Sci-Fi Soundscapes – Wind Sound

Soundtracks written & produced by Master Margherita at the Boom Festival location in August 2014.

Concept, Design, Performance : Manu Kaleido
Scenography, Movement : Éri Virág
Music : Master Margherita
Cover Artwork : Éri Virág

Featuring Musicians :
Elvis Lobo : Guitars
Jovis aka Mr Pink : Didjeridoo
Master Margherita : Bass Guitar and Electronics

Released by Casalinga production in 2014
All Rights Reserved