The Peaking Goddess Collective - Organika
The Peaking Goddess Collective – Organika

ORGANIKA is an eclectic album that experiments with various musical styles. Masterfully fusing acoustic instruments and electronic devices, it features collaborative works with talented artists, a live jam with Peak resident poet Tanina Munchkina and original poetry by visionary artist Alex Grey!
The ORGANIKA journey contains eight beautiful, mind-expanding, musically complex tunes. From the down-tempo docks to the proggy peaks, these handcrafted, psychonaut-friendly musical pieces will stir souls and become lifelong companions. Whether its down-tempo, funky or ethno-prog it‚ definitely psychedelic!

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Track List :
1. Hyperspace
2. Love & Peak
3. Star Peace – ft. Sandeep Ji
4. Secret Fire
5. Rolling
6. Ishtar
7. Being Transformation – ft. Alex Grey
8. Arcana (Live Jam) – ft. Tanina Munchkina

Mixed by Master Margherita
Mastered by Jake Perrine at RFI/CD
Artwork & Design by Tanina Munchkina and Ajja S.F. Leu
Produced by Peak Records
Release date: August 2007
© Peak records 2007

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Reviews :

By Dominic (Interchill Records, Tokyo, Japan)
I bought the album in Tokyo as soon as it came out, and I must say that I have been blown away by the music. The blend between different instruments is truly innovative and very pleasurable to listen to. Well done.

By Mahiane (Ultimae Records, Lyon, France)
Now that is the perfect title for this album for if I was to summarize it in two words I would say organic electronica. It’s filled with live played instruments, guitar, flute, percussions and amazing electronic composition. A definite mix of genres, I heard ambient, dub, rock, trance influences and I’m sure you’ll add to this list. A very interesting and open album. Dig it!

By Psyfex (myspace)
What can i say, Organika is one of the finest sonic journeys ever devised. This is simply incredible music, up there with the best the human race has to offer. Sublime, and completely perfect in every way!

By Verb (
So, I picked this up the other day at Startessa, and it’s fucking magic! Really excellent stuff, in fact some of the most inspiring music I’ve heard recently. Absolutely amazing stuff, highly, HIGHLY recommended.