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Master Margherita - Palexicon Kollective

Master Margherita / Ashroohm / Primo Zanasi / Pineal – Palexicon Kollective

In May 2012, a group of musicians gravitating around the Palesio village, in the country side 10Km South East from Bologna, met playing for two days some totally improvised music, recording this session, as suggested by the swiss musician/composer Master Margherita.
After listening to the 8 hours and more of recorded material it was decided for a selection of 11 tracks, mixed and mastered by Nico aka Pineal.”
What you have here is a really broad range of atmospheres, a perfect soundtrack for different images, spanning from North European Sahara of snow landscapes to a bunch of Aborigens running wildly on very excited camels….
Considering that some of the musicians had never meet or played together before, the results are amazing !
Even if each of them is involved in different projects, composing well structured music, this was a good occasion for playing without any pressure, or plan, only seizing the moment.
In the arts , it often happens, that when you don’t have to think too much about what you are doing, you have a liberating experience and the finest achievements.
To be continued….

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Track List :
1. Voyages en Kaleidoscope – 04:50
2. Misteriu – 09:58
3. Scorpion Beauty – 04:39
4. Onkalo Ruins – 04:53
5. A Special Wine – 06:26
6. Last Call – 05:57
7. Green Ants – 05:36
8. Drive – 07:29
9. The Veil Of Isis – 05:28

Guest musicians :
Pineal : Guitars, Virtual Hang/Marimba, Guitar Synthetizers.
Primo Zanasi : Drums , Electric Piano & Moog.
Organic Shapes : Didjeridoo & Percussions.
Mix Mellax : Drums & Percussions.
Master Margherita : Electric Bass Guitar.
Silvia Telloli : Electric Piano.

Recorded in Palesio/Italy in Spring 2012.
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Pineal.

Release Date: April 2014
Produced by Casalinga Production and Nepalesio Records
©© 2014 Casalinga Production / Nepalesio Records
Creative Commons 3.0