Sound Waves EP

Master Margherita - Sound Waves EP

Master Margherita – Sound Waves EP

Sound Waves EP explores the fields of dance music through Techno, Trance and Dub.
The ongoing collaboration with Corrado Ermetico once again brings an ethnic flair to the album, giving a more organic/warm touch that counters the cold impersonal writing of a computer.

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Track List :
1. Polarization Part 1 (Dub Mix)
2. Mantra Dub (Ermetico Mix)
3. You Spin (Dark Energy Mix)
4. Isotropic (Transverse Mix)
5. Polarization Part 2 (Oscillation Mix)

All Tracks Written and Produced by Master Margherita

Percussions by Corrado “Ermetico” Bugno
Cover by Tiago Machado
Mastering by Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae Studio

Produced by Casalinga Production
© 2016 Casalinga Production