The Marginal Rules

Master Margherita - The Marginal Rules

Master Margherita – The Marginal Rules

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(text by luca)
Darkness in the hall, the curtain opens for a musical spectacle that tells us about a voyage around the world. Master Margherita continues his work, started with the last album on Peak Records, ‘Hippies With Gadgets’ creating evanescent atmospheres that carry us deep. A neat sound; particularly clean, brilliant and psychedelic, painting the light of the sunrise. A fluid collaboration with musicians from all over the world created ‘The Marginal Rules’, an album that tells us about all the things that are obviously present, but forgotten: fire, stars, clouds, water, cats, nature and volcanos …
Soul music is the source that propels the emotional mixture of the elements: percussion, guitars, birds, the violin and the chords of the bass guitar. The opening ambient sequence leads to a musical height, the interlude, marked by percussion rhythms of Bugnite, which opens the door for the electronic funky/rock of Tactile and the unequivocal atmospheres of Spy Game. Finally we hear ‘Lisbon Dub’, jumping tiny steps on water, followed by the profound Float, closing a story of love without time.
The curtain closes, applause.

Track List :
1. Agung Part 1 – Composed in collaboration with Artyom Yakushenko
2. Atesh (HoeHLE Rmx)
3. Nepalesio – Composed in collaboration with Pineal
4. Bugnite  –  Composed in collaboration with Ermetico and Peo Mazza
5. Tactile  –  Composed in collaboration with Loopus In Fabula
6. Spy Game (HoeHLE Rmx)
7. Lisbon Dub –  Composed in collaboration with Ocelot
8. Agung Part 2 –  Composed in collaboration with Artyom Yakushenko

All tracks recorded, mixed and produced by Master Margherita

Additional recordings : Studio La su in Scìma, Switzerland and at the Goatika Creative Lab HQ, Moscow.
Mastered by Vincent Viluis
Cover and Artwork by Jazzmine

Produced by Blue Hour Sounds
Release Date: May 2011
© Blue Hour Sounds 2011