Master Margherita – Sunday Dj Set – Lost Theory Festival 2012

Recorded in Croatia the 19th August 2012.

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Track List :
One Tasty Morsel – Rock Out Part 2
Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus (Master Margherita Rmx) ft Jovis Didgeridoo
Bush Mech – Deep Control
Reactant – Divit People
One Tasty Morsel – Sub Standard
The Peaking Goddess Collective – Monkey Tentacles ft Jovis Didgeridoo
Tetrameth – Lost Part 2
Sattellight – Nyx
Sonic Tickle – Descent Dosed
Hypogeo – Inside Human Thinking
Reactant – Tender Tension
Master Margherita – Tonic Beat ft Jovis Didgeridoo
Pspiralife – Liquid Nails
Merkaba – Dreamscape
Product Placement – Natalia (Sonic Tickle Rmx)
Bush Mech – Saturated Phat
One Tasty Morsel – Chew the Fat
Reactant – Next Time
Pick – Into the Solar

Enjoy !!